Your piano learning: Practice makes perfect!

How often you should practise the piano?
How long you should practise each time?
How you practise each time?

Practice makes perfect. But there is no fixed answers to the above questions. It depends on individual situations and needs. I know Hong Kong students are very busy and don’t have time for daily practice. But from my experience regularity gives a better progression. Just like eating, it’s crazy to eat a total amount of a week’s diet within one meal. I suggest practising piano in regular bass,  at least 4 days per week. Moreover practice immediately after the piano lesson can greatly deepen what you have learnt. 

It is also hard to define the length of practice session. It mainly depends on the amount you learnt during the lesson. The more you learnt the longer should be the practice session. For beginners, duration of practice session is approximately the same as in piano lessons.  

Same as piano lessons, duration of practice session also highly depends on attention span. It will ruin your practice if you are too tired in a lengthy practice session.  It is good to split a lengthy practice session into several shorter sessions. Furthermore, some kids lose concentration easily. They tend to wander around during practice sessions. So I ask them to play phrases of the pieces four times correctly and consecutively instead.

Setting goals and procedures for each practice session can make your practice more efficient. I usually begin with some warm-ups. I play something from Hanon, some scales and arpeggios. Then I practise piano studies. Afterwards I move to my pieces. Don’t just play pieces from the beginning to the end. You will leave many details in between. Divide pieces into manageable and meaningful fragments, such as phrases or even a few measures. Polish each fragment with patience. Then link fragments together to give a bigger picture of pieces.


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