noise and white noise

I live in a small apartment in city centre in Hong Kong. It is surrounded by roads and other buildings. I can easily hear many kinds of sound, from traffic sound to the pumping sound of construction sites.

Hong Kong is small and crowded of people. I think many Hong Kongers like me are used to live with sound. You may say this is noise but we get used of it. It is part of our daily life.

Of course noise may annoy you in some situations. For example you are hurrying for your work. You need silence so you can concentrate. Noise may disturb you or you may then lose temper. Or you may feel sleepy but sadly find that you are awaken by noise.

It is ideal to live in suburb or having sound-proofed home. If it is not possible to move, you may also try white noise. White noise is a kind of random signals with a constant power spectral density. It is usually used in electronics engineering and architectural acoustics of performing venues. White noise is also used as background signals to calm people down. Sometimes no matter you are in a quiet place or not you may be still very tense. The followings are the free websites for white noise:


Not only white noise, you can also listen to pink and brown noise  in SimplyNoise.  You can also set timer for sleeping. Paid mobile app version is available.

White noise player

If you think white noise generated by computer is too artificial, you may think white noise from here.  You can select different types of daily life white noise here, from fan, vacuum to wind here, though I don’t know whether they are recorded from real life or not.


It is the “raining” version of SimplyNoise. In SimplyRain you can adjust the intensity of rain to give different raining sound. You can also choose to add thunder into the background. Paid mobile app version is also available.

Rainy Mood

You can also hear raining sound here. It also has an option of “today’s music”. You can listen to it altogether with raining sound as background. I like it very much. Free mobile app version is available.


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