Aural resources for exam: style and period

These are the aural resources for my dearest students in preparing ABRSM exam: Starting from grade 5 you all have to identify the musical period of a short piano piece played by the examiner during the aural exam. As you are not allowed to read the score, you have to catch up the salient features of the piece in order to make the guess. The followings are the typical examples of each musical period. Mostly are piano works. I also include some orchestral and instrumental works. Listen to them can give you a more comprehensive picture of each musical period. This in turn further helps your mastery of musical interpretation in your piano playing.

Baroque period (1600-1750)

#contrapuntal #sequence #terraced dynamics

J.S. Bach Invention no.1 ( violin and cello version)


Classical period (1750-1827)

#simplicity #regular 4-bar phrasing #Alberti Bass and other typical classical accomp figures


Mozart piano sonata in F, K332


Mozart Marriage of Figaro overture


Mozart Eine Kleine Nachmusik
Beethoven piano sonata in f minor, op 2 no 1


Romantic period (1827-1900)

#highly chromatic harmony #rubato #wide range of dynamics #dramatic #extreme

Schubert Der Erlkönig


Schumann Scenes from Childhood


Chopin Nocturne


Modern/Twentith century period (1900-)


Joplin Maple Leaf Rag #jumpy accomp


Gerswin 3 Preludes #off-beat accent #swing




#dissonant chords #rhythmic and impulsive

Bartok Piano sonata



#mist-like sonority#parallel octaves #other modes and scales

Debussy la cathedrale engloutie (piano roll)


orchestral transcription


Debussy Voils


Debussy La Mer



#similar to classical music but in unconventional harmonic progression

Shostakovich A child’s exercise book, op 69


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