Hindemith Tanz der Holzpuppen (Dance of the Wooden Dolls)

ABRSM has just released a new set of piano syllabus recently. For me it’s a kind of art in choosing appropriate piano pieces to my students. It’s harsh and somehow boring in preparing for piano exam. This is especially true for my adolescent students. They are all busy with their school works and already feel very tried when they practise  the piano after school. So my way to make the exam preparation process more interesting is to introduce all the exam pieces to students and let them choose what to play during the exam. And I also have to double check whether students are technically and musically competent to play with their choices.

From the pool of repertoire of this set of piano syllabus I am impressed by Hindemith Tanz der Holzpuppen (Dance of the Wooden Dolls) (from Tuttifäntchen). This neo-classical, lively Joplinesque foxtrot is the transcription of Tuttifäntchen.Tuttifäntchen is originally written as a German musical play about a Christmas fairy tale for Children. Later the composer turns it into orchestral suite. Besides piano version, hope you have a chance to listen to orchestral version of this piece. It was available in youtube but unfortunately removed. Luckly I find it in Spotify Paul Hindemith – Tuttifantchen Suite: VII. Tanz der Holzpuppen (Dance of the Toy Dolls) —.

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