Shui Cao Wu (The Dance of Watergrass, 水草舞)

One more transcription from abrsm exam syllabus: Shui Cao Wu (The Dance of Watergrass, 水草舞): 3rd movt from The Mermaid Suite. It is composed by Chinese composers Mingxin Du (杜鸣心) and Zuqiang Wu (吴祖强). The Mermaid Suite firstly presented as dance drama, The Mermaid (鱼美人), premiered in Beijing on 1959. It is about a Chinese myth (not Hans Christian Andersen’s well-known fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”!). This dance drama includes Chinese folk dances within classical ballet form. Later in 1979, this dance drama was transcribed and debuted by the National Ballet of China as ballet suite.

Shui Cao Wu (The Dance of Watergrass, 水草舞) is a group dance depicting underwater scenery. You may be interested to hear the original orchestral version here:


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Horse and Chinese music

Happy Chinese New Year! We Chinese use 12 different animals representing a cycle of 12 consecutive years. This year is horse. let’s talk something about horse here.

In Peking opera (京劇), the actors use horsewhip to symbolize the horse-riding activity. Furthermore, they use different colour of horsewhip to represent colour of horses.

Horse-riding in Peking opera


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