What does your musical taste say about your personality?

It’s said that”you are what you eat”. But is it also true to your musical taste? Jason Rentflow from University of Texas has headed a research program to examine the role of music in our daily life. An online test Short Test of Music Preferences (STOMP) by Greg Dunn and a researcher with Philips Research is available to see how the musical preference reflects your personality.


You may have a look of it in here.請前往以下網站:


mus preference

Select “take the test on-line”. You will then move to here:
選擇”take the test on-line”, 然後就會出現一個問卷:


You have to rank your likeness of quite a certain types of musical genres such as blues, rock and classical.

It gives quite an accurate description for me. You may have a trial.


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