Background music & your shopping behaviour

How do you listen to music? MP3 players, youtube, spotify, or from traditional media like TV and radio. But do you know that we have many opportunities in listening to the music passively.

Last day was my day-off. I went to a shopping mall in Mongkok. It’s crowded with people. I went to a large global fashion brand store. Impulsive, rhythmic and energetic background music is broadcasted inside the store.
Then I went to a restaurant to have my lunch. Here the music is relax and much slower.

Do you have similar experience? When you pay attention to listen to, you will find that music is in everywhere.

Lots of researches are conducted to see how background music stimulate sale. They think impulsive music can drive your desire to buy more. I’m not sure if this is true. Perhaps next time when you do shopping, observe whether you are under the influence.


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