Your piano learning: something about piano lessons

After determined to start piano learning, you may come across the following questions:

How often should I have piano lessons?
How long should each lesson last for?
What does a piano lesson consist of ?

In Hong Kong we usually attend piano lessons once a week. For those busy adult learners in advanced level like me, we have lessons every two weeks.

Duration of lessons depend mostly on the attention span. For beginners I recommend 30-minute lesson. Then the lessons can be extended to 45 minutes or one hour gradually.

Piano playing is an integrated arts subject. During the piano lessons we learn piano playing technique and develop musical understanding. That means we don’t just learn piano playing in the class. Instead we also do some sort of activities such as listening, singing and improvising. We also cover music theory and history, and other media of arts such as paintings and poems.

This kind of learning is called simultaneous learning. Piano pieces are the core of lesson, supported by different kinds of activities and subjects. These all give us a better understanding to the pieces we play and give holistic musical development.


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